Ether Hell Hydrant: a competitive Ethereum faucet with dividends.
Quick Start
1. Place a bid between 0.1% and 1% of the pot to become the leader.
2. Amounts beyond the maximum bid can be used to acquire shares of the dividend fund.
3. Receive 10% of your bid every 5 minutes until someone else takes your place.
Same great mechanic as Faucet, but now with a minimum bid to keep the ether flowing.
Current pot:
Current leader:
Time as leader:
Amount earned:
Note: There may be a small delay between the true state of the contract and the information displayed on this page. Values are extrapolated from the most recently available information.
Minimum bid:
Maximum bid:
Maximum plus shares:
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Total dividend shares:
Value per dividend share:
Value of your dividends:
Total dividend fund:
This is a bidding game that functions like a competitive Ethereum faucet. When you place a bid of at least 0.1% of the pot, you become the new leader, and will receive a payout of 10% of your bid every 5 minutes until someone else claims the throne. The maximum bid is 1% of the pot, and you can receive up to 10% of the pot in winnings until you have to bid again.
Bid Allocation
When the contract receives a bid, 50% goes to the pot and 50% goes to the dividend fund; see below for details about dividends. There are no hidden fees or developer cuts. 100% of your money goes to the game and the investors who support it.
Dividends for Investors
50% of each bid goes to a dividend fund to reward investors for helping the pot grow. You can acquire shares of the dividend fund by bidding more than the maximum bid, in which case you will receive a number of shares equal to the dividend portion of your investment (50% of your bid beyond the maximum bid) divided by the current share value. Note that dividend shares can only increase in value over time, so acquiring multiple shares in a single large bid can be much more economical than acquiring them separately over multiple bids.
Earnings can be collected at any time by clicking on the withdraw button in the earnings section. This will initiate a special 0 ETH transaction that will call the contract's withdrawal function and transfer your earnings to your address. Note that you will not receive your earnings from the current round until the next round begins. Dividends can also be collected at any time by clicking on the sell button in the dividends section. This will initiate a 0 ETH transaction that will transfer your portion of the dividend fund to your address, after which point your shares will be destroyed and removed from the dividend pool.